Jun 27

Shower drain and tank

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I'm building out a Ram Promaster with a very similar layout to you guys and I am super curious how you guys managed to place the shower where you did? Underneath there is the fuel tank and the exhaust/muffler etc. as well as the emergency brake cable and I can't find a good spot for the grey water tank or the shower drain. Curious what you guys did there as I couldn't find a video on that the channel. Is that included in the van layout plans?

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  • Lurking for quite while guys.. Could you do a post on your water system Lovs, hates etc. What you woould chance.. Like is 35 gallons enough? Hot water on demand ? would you have 2 tanks one drinking water one shower ? does hot water on demand take too much water to get going ? pump pressure ? full blown water system layout.. Weight balance.. Need for water balast tank ? lots of questions .. Happy travels ? Bryon in Ottawa Canada
  • Maybe put a pipe to rest your feet on. Like a gas Pipe with two 90s on the end attached to the bench. possible solution to what I saw in the video.
  • Ozonator - watched your recent "not liked" aspects to your present van build. No need to add more water supply ... maybe? Simply have a ozonator machine or similar uv product treat the used shower water and have it cycle back to the "shower only supply"? Work with a company that makes the product you might like to provide a review for and request expert recommendations for your situation? I'm living my youth vicariously through your little snippets. Love watching your videos. Water treatment topic would be great for your viewers ... I do believe. Happy Trails!!
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